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Magi Essentia

(thoughtful babble on Potterfic. Nothing cemented just ideas for your consideration)

It is in this text that we will discuss the Ricohian Theory of Magi Essentia. We study its tenets concerning aptitude and susceptibility, its pervasiveness in modern wizarding academia, and its criticisms and related theories.  We will trace its parallels in muggle philosophy in an effort to better understand the relation between the two races.

Emma’s eyes scanned lazy through the pompous document looking for essentials to commit to memory. She was quickly drawn to a diagram at the bottom labeled The Fundamental Classifications of Magi Essentia.

Castus Ortus
Creation, the foremost distinction between wizard and muggleborn, it is the ability to create something from nothing that divides and distinguishes the two races. Human imagination, limitless, in both its raw and tempered manifestation is the essence of magic for Castus Ortus. Wizards and Witches with intuitive inclination to the arts, husbandry, and medicine are members of this class.

Castus Umbra
Some say the prototype for wizardkind were the Grigori, the Watchers, who dedicated their lives to the study and emulation of the divine. Their fascination is steeped in the inscrutable mysteries that plague all mortals, the enigmas of genesis, our function, and death. They spend their lives trying to bring light to shadows, usually only casting more with the brilliance of their torch.

Castus Fortis
The drive for power is ubiquitous in both pureblood and muggleborn. It has lead many to both greatness and destruction. It has led the uninvited to the path of wizardry. Ricoh site several historical wizards and witches as being members of this class: Belagi, Morgan Le Fay, Rasputin, and those who must not be named.

Castus Meracus
Often cited as a fanciful myth even by Ricoh’s most loyal disciples, Castus Meracus, or children of pure magic, were regarded with both wonder and contempt in his writings. He claimed that certain rare individuals were not wizards at all - magic is not their tool, it is the fiber that makes them. Magic cannot be taught to this class, it is instinctive as seen with elves, fairies, and other Magical Creatures.

Emma copied the definition hastily into her tattered notebook. She was loath to believe this idea was actually popular, labeling people like that to teach them. Everyone she had met could have fit into all of those categories at the same time.
The next day when she was searching the school forum she notice that a single thread had monopolize the forum. “Which Magi Essentia Are You Quiz!!11” She clicked on a moment and saw that everyone was bragging about their class and several flame wars had started between them. Emma scowled and logged off.